Corvallis Celtic Jam Tune List and Resources

This is a web-site that exists to provide resources to those folks that choose to butcher Celtic tunes in groups both public and private. In the interest of promoting participation and maximum music making, I am establishing a list of our common tunes with their notation on this site. The versions of traditional tunes here are as intended to be close to those that we actually play. There's an open jam every Tuesday night at 7PM in the Imagine coffee house on Highway 34/20 near 53rd street in Corvallis.

The Tunes

The tunes in Adobe Acrobat Format: Printable Tunes

The tunes in ABC format (for editing, playing or whatever): Tunes in ABC Format

Oct 1, 2015 Added Farrel O'Gara, Kohler's Hornpipe & Dusty Windowsill, Calliope House now in D
Aug 18, 2014 Changing versions of Maggie's Pancakes, adding North Beat
May 25, 2014 Fixed La Partida (Thanks, Nancy)
Feb 11, 2014 Added Maggie's Pancakes
Jan 24, 2014 Added Merrily Kiss the Quaker, Fairies' Hornpipe & Nine Points of Roguery
Dec 27, 2013 Added: The Night Poor Larry was Stretched, Fig for A Kiss, Unfortunate Rake, Crossing the Mince, Wren's Hornpipe; Repaired Riff City, Mullinavat, Sailor's Hornpipe, Torn Jacket, Fisherman's Island
July 16, 2013 Added Golden Legs, repaired Ross Memorial Hospital
May 6, 2013 Added Chase Me Charlie, Dinny O'Keefe's; chorded Dunmore Lasses
April 25, 2013 Added Ryb an Avon, Jessica Griffin's #2 & Mist Covered Mountains
March 15, 2013 Added Riff City & Den Sodeste Vals
March 12, 2013 Added Union Street Session, Torn Petticoat, Adjusted  Valse Minette
March 2, 2013 Added Nobody's Jig & Comhra Donn
Nov 30, 2012 Added Humours of Tuaimgréine
Sept 5, 2012 Added Red Haired Boy (or a version thereof)
Aug 25, 2012 Added: Mason's Apron
June 17, 2012 Added: Reel Joseph, Nancy's Waltz, Emma's Waltz, La Partida
May 31, 2012 Added: Blair Atholl
May 16, 2012 Added: Washington's March
April 11, 2012 Added: Glendale Strathspey, The Orphan Jig
Feb 20, 2012 Added: Reel of Mullinvat, Connaughtman's Rambles, The Tara Brooch, Sonny's Mazurka, Pipe on the Hob, King of the Fairies
Jan 10, 2012 Added: Dunphy's, Burning of Hut, Coalminer's, Coleraine
Mrs Kenny's, Out on the Ocean, Paddy's Trip
Jan 7, 2012 Added: Double Rise, Mary Willie's & Britches Full of Stitches
Dec 4, 2011 Added: Long Hot Shower, Bob McQuillen's, Trip to Ballyshannon

Misc Resources

My favorite ABC notation program: ABCedit

Excellent fiddle tune resource: The Session

Brute force finder: Tune Finder

Fine collection: Henrik Norbeck's Collection

Please help me to find my mistakes and correct them. Send correction information to: Maker of Errors

I am liable to exercise editorial liberties with tunes. Tunes that I'm quite tired of may disappear without warning.